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Title: Duncan Livingston
Posted by: Margaret Stewart
Date: 07 February 2006

My earliest known ancester was Duncan Livingston of Balvicar, a slate quarrier, who was aged 50 on the 1841 census of Kilbrandon and Kilchattan.   His wife was Euphemia (Effy) McInnes and their children were Mary b.1805, John b.1811, Donald b. 1813, Neil Young b.1816, Duncan b.1819, Archibald b 1820.   I am unable to find any trace of Duncan after 1841 so am assuming he died before the 1851 census.
My research has mainly been by using statutory records, OPRs, IGI etc, so I would welcome any suggestions as to what my next steps should be or what other records might be available.
The above male names continue down through the generations but I do have two ancestors named Coll.   This name seems to be associated with Lismore.   Given the superior knowledge of your forum members would anyone care to comment if there is likely to be a connection.  I would be very grateful for a nudge in the right direction.
Incidentally like many Livingstons, my father's uncle claimed a distant relationship with Dr David Livingstone but I have been unable to prove or disprove this.
I am thoroughly enjoying following all the threads on your forum and hopefully also learning more about the Livingston(e)s.

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