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Title: McLea of Bute
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 10 February 2006

Dear Forum,

I am soon going to post a link to a document I've been working on, incorporating all the McLeas, MacLeas, McOnLeas, Leas, etc., from the Parish of Rothesay, Isle of Bute.

I am also aware of a goodly number of McLeas in Greenock.

What I'm wondering is:  Do we have any evidence for a connection between the McLeas of Bute (or the McLeas of Greenock) and the McLeas of Lismore?

Ideas and suggestions appreciated!  I believe that even though the DNA evidence suggests that they certainly do not have a patrilineal relationship, there may have been a strong social, clan, or maternal relationship which came to be recognized with the same name.  Alternatively, the possibility exists that the families were entirely separate, arriving at the name separately and through no relationship or intent to portray a relationship.

As the sole forum member in this group, I probably beat my drum a little too often on the call to find relationships with our esteemed Chief and his family, but I would love to find some history of a relationship that would really firm up our ideas of where our family came from!


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