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Title: Appin Livingstones in late 18th century
Posted by: Douglas MacGregor
Date: 13 February 2006

Hello. I am new to the Clan Mclea/Livingstone forum, so let me introduce myself. My name is Douglas MacGregor and I am descended from Mary Livingstone who was born in the 1790s and lived all her life in Appin.

Having exhausted the obvious methods of obtaining further information, this post is intended to provide some information about her and her immediate family in the hope that this will ring a bell with other people who may have a connection.

We are not exactly sure when Mary was born. Her death certificate suggests 1790. Census returns from 1841 to 1871 are inconsistent, but allowing for rounding suggest a range of dates from 1787 to 1801. We know that the ages given on census returns for her husband were incorrect.

Mary's parents are listed on her death certificate as John Livingstone and Mary Livingstone (maiden surname also Livingstone), but this is the only information we have about them. 

I noted on the Clan Livingstone website a record of Peggy Livingstone, born 1795 in Coalard to a John Livingstone and a Mary Livingstone.  Given the proximity of dates and the fact that both parents are listed as Livingstones, it is possible that Peggy is a sister of Mary. Does anyone know what happened to Peggy? Or does anyone else have Livingstone relatives born around this time, whose parents were John Livingstone and Mary Livingstone, and who might be siblings of Mary? 

Mary married John McPhee, born 24/12/1777 in the parish of Lismore, Appin and Duror, to John McPhee and Catherine Campbell. John and Mary are next found in Cregan, where their children Donald and Ann were born (03/04/1824 and 21/05/1829 respectively. Her other children included Janet (Jean) (c1832) and Mary (c1836). In 1841 John and Mary lived at Achnacone, but by 1851 had moved to Telgrianach (Letgrianach, Ledgrianach?) where they stayed for the rest of their lives. John died there in 1861 and Mary also died there in 1879.

To add a little bit of interest to the family history there is a verbal tradition of a connection to the famous David Livingstone. My late grandmother reported that Mary was some sort of cousin to David. However, we really do not know the exact connection. 

If Mary was a first cousin of David, then either her mother or her father would have to be an aunt or uncle of David's. We immediately ruled out her mother as being an Aunt of David since it is well documented that David's aunt Mary married Robert McAuld. David did have an uncle John, born in 1777 at Lettermore and for many years he seemed to be a possible connection, although he would have been very young when Mary was born (still possible if Mary was born in the second half of the 1790s). It would also mean that Mary's husband was as old as her father (perhaps unlikely, but not impossible).

On the internet, I have come across three separate claims for connections to John Livingstone of Lettermore. Three separate families claim he married Mary Lawson, Mary Craig or Flora McLean. I realise this a hottly disputed chestnut, but is there documentary evidence to establish any of these connections? Or are all three simply a case of we have a connection to David Livingstone so it must be through John? I have contacted a couple of people about this but not got a definite answer from them. If it is proven that John married Flora then our connection clearly lies elsewhere.

If John married Mary Lawson or Mary Craig, the situation in more complex. If Livingstone was incorrectly recorded as our (older) Mary's maiden surname we can still ask the question: "Could our (younger) Mary Livingstone still be his daughter?"

It may well be the case that our connection lies a generation further back, but I would really like to clarify the possibilities. I am sorry if this has been discussed before. I have seen some of the discussion, but have not seen any documentary evidence.

If anyone has any information as to how my family of Livingstones fit into the bigger picture, I would be grateful to hear from you.


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