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Title: Some confusing surnames for Kyle especially
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 18 February 2006

As most of you will know, I tried to summarise the surname variants for the DNA project on a webpage: least the basics in any case.

Kyle MacLea suspects his MacLeas come from Bute, but he has close matches to a lot of M*cC*ll*ys and now his closest match by far is a MacLin. MacLin is felt by this family to be a MacLean variant, which is a surname that is never surprising to find near MacLea. We know they were also sometimes confused outside of Argyll.

On the other hand:

1. M*cC*ll*y type surnames could potentially have other origins than the clan Maclea, but could end up as Maclea. For example Mac Amalghaidh or Mac Amhlaidh. Keep in mind that in Gaelic, an "m" can often turn into a w/u type sound, so both these personal names were pronounced something like Awley (the second one having come originally from Norse Olaf!).

2. MacLin could also be an Ulster surname (son of Flinn) from the same general area where Kyle has lots of other matches.

Now to add to the confusion, I thought I'd mention these two entries from Black:

MacCloy from son of Lewie (Lughaidh). This family is said to be a Bute and Arran family that descends from the Fullartons of Ayrshire.

MacClee. Kyle's name is pronounced MacLee, which seems to be a less common proncunciation, but then again Scotland was full of dialects. In any case Black seemed to have considered the idea that some MacClees took their name from the surname Mac Laoidhigh. The name Laoidheach having been found in Co Laois in Ireland.

I thought it also worth reminding Rob of this entry: Macanally. One such family, a MacFarlane sept, was felt to come from Mac Con Ulaidh (son of Cu Uladh). Black felt the rest came from Mac an Olave, (son of the chief bard or physician) which is also sometimes claimed to be the origin of Maclea.

Best Regards

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