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Title: link to McKinney surname
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 22 February 2006

Over the years the DNA project has found many suspected links to surnames which might have mutated from the mainstream of evolution of Mac Dunsleibhe -> MacLea. 

Classic suspects are MacLean, MacInlay, MacCauley, MacAuliffe etc.

But this week we found the strongest one yet: a perfect 37/37 match between two McKinneys and one MacLeay. That is a very close match, and virtually guarantees that their common ancestor was in the past few centuries.

The most obvious theory we always had with this match (when it was 12/12 and 25/25) is that the evolution was something like McOnLeay->McKinley->McKinney.

However we also recently learned of a less strong but still pretty close match to a McKinzey, where McKinzey and McKinney would be surnames where it would be quite orthodox to say they might have the same origin. For example they might come the personal names Kenneth or Kinnoch.

Perhaps by coincidence Rob found an old reference to a person with one of the right personal names to become a McKinney, a MacLeay type surname, and in contact with the familiy Rose - where Rose is the fourth family name we have found reasonable close.

But the closest DNA match in this family so far is, to repeat, between MacLeay and McKinney.

Best Regards

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