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Title: Roll Call 2
Posted by: Keith Livingstone Australia
Date: 01 March 2006

I posted to the previous roll call twice tonight, but my submission was bounced out. So here goes again. Maybe the system fails after 54 postings!

My name is keith Livingstone, 47 years, chiropractor and middle/distance running coach, married with 4 children, living in the Barmah Forest on the Murray River in Australia. 

I am descended from Angus Livingston(e) who married Margaret McPhail, and had a son John by 1806. John and his son Gavin (b.1835)were woolen weavers at one stage.John in particular may have had a close friendship/cousinship with the famous Dr Livingstone, and the McPhail connection is well-established around the Dr's family at that time. We haven't gotten any closer than that really. 

It is possible that my ancestor Angus, who definitely was a Chelsea Pensioner (ie: served the king in a military or naval role for 20 years) is the same guy who ended up in Nova Scotia by 1820. If so, he was born in 1773, and is still buried at Big Bras D'Or, NS.

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