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Title: Glasgow Directories 1787-1886 searched for McLea/etc.
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 18 March 2006

Searching the Glasgow Directories for my McLea/MacLea Family:

I used LDS Microfiche numbers 6340933-6341018, covering the time frame 1787-1886 to search the Glasgow commercial and post-office directories for my McLea family.† Relevant entries include names of this form:† MíLae, MíLay, MíLea and similar. 

I'll include a link to the file below, for those who might want to have a look!

NOTE:† List is comprehensive for names of this type through 1852.† 1853 has a partial list of these names, and afterwards only potential relatives of mine are listed, since it was becoming a pain to write down all the names which were probably not really related to me!

I found my ancestor John McLea, blacksmith, as well as his son Peter McLea, also a smith, and Peter's son Peter jr. who was an upholsterer and cabinetmaker.† Potential other relatives are also included, and some of those not known to be relatives NOW may someday be known to be!† These data help me narrow the dates of John's death
to 1833-1840.

Here's the file: 

Hope it's useful to someone!


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Title:Date:Posted By:
Glasgow Directories 1787-1886 searched for McLea/etc.18 March 2006Kyle MacLea
   Glasgow Directories 1787-1886 searched for McLea/etc.18 March 2006Kyle MacLea

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