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Title: Miles Livingstone
Posted by: Donald (Livingston) Clink
Date: 06 July 2004

Hi Nial,
Belated Happy St. Moluag's Day to you also.
How are you? Glad to see the website is working again. Here are some details of my Morvern Livingston family that settled in Canada in 1812, with the assistance of Lord Selkirk of Scotland.

My great-great-great grandfather Miles Livingston born circa 1780-1790, a native of Morvern who came to Canada in the Summer of 1812 with his wife Janet Livingston as part of the second group of Scottish and Irish settlers to journey to Lord Selkirk's Red River Hudsons Bay Settlement. Lord Selkirk,a wealthy Scot,concerned with the desperate plight of the disposessed highlanders convinced the Hudsons Bay Company to allow him to establish a settlement,far south of Hudson's Bay along the Red River.He advertised in Highland Newspapers and hired recruiters to lure highlanders to settle in his colony with the promise of free farmland.He appointed Miles McDonnell of Upper Canada to be his settlement leader at Red River and sent him out with the first party in 1811. They were followed by the second party in 1812 that included my ancestor Miles Livingston and a Donald Livingston apparently travelling with him, who may have been his brother. 

My ancestors Miles Livingston and his wife Janet Livingston were married on June 20th 1812 at Bowmore, Kilarrow Parish, Isle of Islay but both were listed in the marriage register as being natives of Morvern. Whether they and their Livingston families had lived for any length of time in Kilarrow Parish I am not able to determine.There were to be sure Livingstons living at Bowmore at that time according to the records, but how or infact whether they connect to my family originally of Morvern I do not know.  

In any event, on June 20th, 1812 or perhaps a day or so later, the recently married Mr and Mrs Miles Livingston sailed aboard the Schooner "Staffa" from  Bowmore to Sligo, Ireland where they boarded the "Robert Taylor", a Hudsons Bay vessel which on June 24th with favourable winds sailed out of Sligo for the Hudsons Bay Outpost at James Bay. 

Selkirk had placed Owen Kenevy in charge of the settlers aboard the "Robert Taylor" which apparently was a bad decision as did little to prevent quarrels between the Scottish and Irish and Kenevy's own unpopularity with the Irish passengers eventually led to an attempted mutiny aboard the vessel.For Kenevy, the answer to any disapline related problem was to the lock the perpetrator in irons or have them beaten with clubs by other settlers aboard the ship.

While the original passenger list of the "Robert Taylor", produced by Kenevy for Selkirk is lost,an apparent duplicate list survived among Selkirks letters and it lists Miles Livingston as well as a Donald Livingston and his wife Ann McGilvary whom Donald married a short time after their ship the "Robert Taylor" reached the Hudsons Bay outpost at York Factory on Hudson's Bay, but apparently prior to the second party of settlers reaching their ultimate destination of Red River, farther south in October of 1812. 

I have since learned that this Donald Livingston b. abt. 1786 or 1791 who may be a brother or cousin of my Miles Livingston was later joined at Selkirk's Red River settlement by his brothers James b. abt. 1795, and Hugh b. abt. 1801. Apparently this Donald Livingston, like my ancestor Miles also was at Bowmore and likely left Bowmore with Miles on the Schooner Staffa to connect with the Hudson's Bay Vessel "Robert Taylor" waiting for them at the port in Sligo, Ireland.

Donald's father Neil Livingston also later joined his son Donald at the Red River settlement and from the 1832 Red River Settlement Census is appears that this Neil Livingston was born abt. 1757 probably at Morvern, Scotland. Logic tells me that this old Highlander was likely also Miles Livingston's father, but without proof he might just a well have been an Uncle. Kenevy's list of settlers certainly indicates that my ancestor Miles and this Donald Livingston were traveling together as if they were a family group.

Kenevy and the second party of settlers reached York Factory on Hudson's Bay in August or September of 1812 and from there made a difficult journey by foot to the Red River, arriving at Pembina on October 27th, 1812. 

Delayed by bad weather, the first party under Miles Mcdonnell had only arrived a few months earlier.The settlers were given lots along the river, but the harsh winters and the hostile rivals of the Hudson's Bay Company, the North West Company and their Indian and Metis allies intimidated and coerced many of the settlers to leave the Red River and Hudsons Bay Territory for land promised them in Upper Canada, a thousand miles away. 

In 1814, the North West Company arrested the settlement leader Miles McDonnell and 140 settlers including Miles Livingston, his wife and two children,Nancy Ann, and Hugh were loaded into North West Company canoes for a thousand mile journey to Upper Canada. My father still can remember as boy hearing from one of his older relatives of this journey of his great grandmother Nancy Ann Livingston 1813-1880 (Mrs John Clink) as an infant with her parents and young brother across the vast expanse of wilderness lake and stream to reach their destination in Upper Canada. 

Mile's eldest child was Nancy Ann Livingston 1813-1880 who was born at the Red River Settlement and apparently baptised there. She married my great-great grandfather John Utter Clink 1810-1889 about 1833 in Ontario, Canada. A second child Hugh Livingston was born the following year at the settlement a few months before the family and 139 other settlers were coerced to leave the settlement in 1814 by North West Company Canoes for Upper Canada (Ontario). Other children John b. 1818, and  Daniel b. 1820 or 1821 followed all born after Miles and family had settled in UPper Canada. 

While the Hudson's Bay's rival soon burnt the settlement building and forced out the remaining few holdouts, Donald Livingston and some of the others that had been dispersed by the North West Company did not leave the area altogether, apparently  seeking safe sanctuary at Fort William on Lake Winnipeg. After Selkirk heard of the North West Company having destroyed his settlement at Red River, he promptly sailed to Canada and organised a party of soldiers to journey to the Red River and arrest those of the North West Company responsible for the demise of his Red River Settlement and by 1816 Donald Livingston and the remaining Red River settlers housed at Fort William reestablished their settlement. Despite further troubles and some bloodshed with local INdians and Metis, the Norhwest Company and the Hudsons Bay Company a few years later merged and the settlement at Red River was able to prosper. While my Miles Livingston left the Red River River Settlement for Upper Canada (province of Ontario, Canada) in 1814,Donald Livingston, his two brothers, and his father Neil lived there into the 1830's. By about 1840, Donald Livingston and his family went to Scotch Grove,Jones County, Iowa. His father the elderly Neil Livingston b. abt. 1757 who was alive in 1832 at Red River likely died a few years after that 1832 Census and likely was buried at Red River. I dont know what became of his brother James Livingston yet, but I received information not too long ago that Hugh Livingston Sr., the above mentioned brother Hugh Livingston left Red River Settlement and also settled in Iowa arriving first about 1837 in Delaware County, Iowa. Hugh had married Isabelle Rose in 1830 at the Red River Settlement.

Miles Livingston, my great-great-great grandfather settled in Esquesing Township, Halton County, Ontario, Canada in the 1820's and the last record of him in 1842 in Ontario indicates he at the town of Acton, in Esquesing Township with his younger son Daniel and Miles is employed there as a barrel maker. There is no record of Miles in the  1861 Census, so it is likely that he died sometime between 1842 and 1861 in Esquesing Township, Halton County, Ontario. His wife Janet died sometime prior to 1842 in Esquesing Township. Daniel was a millright and likely found work at the mills at Acton. He married Elizabeth Massales in Esquesing Township on January 13, 1847 with my great-great grandfather John Utter Clink,Daniel's brother in law as a witness. Daniel and family lived in the Acton area until about 1875 when he sold his property and moved to Saginaw,Michigan where he continued his trade as a millwright. Brother John Livingston b. 1818 married Joan Livingston of another Livingston family unrelated that had settled in the Esquesing Township area by about 1853. A few years later John and family left Esquesing Township before 1861 for Bosanquet Township Lambton County, Ontario where some of the Clinks also had settled. John Livingston died on July 28, 1895 and is buried in Arkona Cemetery, Warwick Township, Lambton County Ontario.  His wife Joan sold the farm by 1898 and she, a son Hugh and a daughter Catharine settled in Michigan.  

Regarding the more distant origins of Miles Livington's Morvern family,nothing much is known. My father's cousin the late William Livington Clink speculated that we were somehow related to Dr David Livingston. He had no proof I dont think. It is interesting that David's ancestor Neil did make his way to Morvern according one account, though he apparently did not remain their after the revolt in 1745. My cousin did not know that this Donald Livingston who apparently travelled on the Robert Taylor to Canada with our Miles Livington also had a father named Neil Livington. I am sure if he did know that, he would have considered that strong evidence we might have some family connection to Dr. Livingstons family. I myself can not and will not say one way or another as there is no definite proof. 

Again I also wonder if my Miles Livingston born between 1780 and 1790 at Movern had any family connnection to the famous Donald Livingston who rescued the Stewart of Appin banner and who is buried at Movern. My father understood that Miles ancestor probably was at the Battle of Culloden and fought for Bonnie Prince Charlie, but he no other information from relatives here in Canada. 

My research while difficult has been far from a waste of time as I have located the marriage record for Miles and Janet Livingston at Bowmore in 1812 which even mentions a voyage to "America" in June of 1812 following their marriage. Also an archivist at the Hudson Bay Company Archives was very helpful in sending me detailed info on the Donald Livingston that traveled with Miles Livingston aboard the Robert Taylor and journeyed to the Red River Settlement. 

I am sensing from other letters posted and my own research that there are many of us who are lost as to their more distant Livingston connections. We know we are connected to these more ancient Movern/Mull Livingstons but how? There is a Census or Assessment from the 1770's for Movern which lists a number of Donald, Hughs and Neils one of which is almost certainly Miles Livingston's father, grandfather or other kin. If I only knew which one. 

Hope this info is of some help to Livingstons looking for their lost ancestors. 

sincerely yours, 

Donald Clink 



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