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Title: McOnlea to Livingstone, 1685
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) CLink
Date: 05 April 2006

Hi Kyle,
I would agree that the Maconleas were at Luing. If you don't have a good atlas of Scotland, it is well worth getting one. Of course you can always go to, but for some reason some of these locations don't always come up on the map. 

At this point I have been looking settlement points north, south, east and west of the Island of Lismore, not more than about 30 miles in distance or so for Maconlea-Livingstones prior to 1775. Farthest south west I am checking out is Colonsay which has that Dunslee Maconlea and possibly some Maconleas that changed their name to Livingstone. Luing is nearby. I hope to do the same in other directions from the Isle of Lismore. 



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