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Title: Dr. McLea's Examination Roll [1769-1819]
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 13 April 2006

Dear Forum,

I have for some time been interested in acquiring a copy of this article:

CHURCH RECORDS   Parish of Rothesay: Dr McLea's Examination Roll (1769-1819)   11.11-12

The 11.11-12 is the issue and article number of the Newsletter of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society.

Having let my membership in GWSFHS lapse (foolishly before getting a copy of this for just postage), and not having easy access to cheques in pounds sterling by which to order this article for 3 pounds as a non-member... does anyone already have a copy of this article that they would be willing to share with it?  Or point me to another source for the material?

I can certainly order it, but it's mostly the hassle of having to get a cheque in pounds sterling that is the annoyance!  So if anyone else has looked at it, I'd rather save myself the trouble!  =)

Any help appreciated!

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Dr. McLea's Examination Roll [1769-1819]13 April 2006Kyle MacLea
   Dr. McLea's Examination Roll [1769-1819]13 April 2006Young Bachuil

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