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Title: McLea heraldry
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 01 June 2006

Dear Forum:

Here's a find that Niall is probably familiar with, but which I hadn't seen before and thought I would post for the interest of others.

In An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms Belonging to Families in Great Britain and Ireland, by John Woody Papworth, Morant. A. W.:

Page 874

3 cinquefoils between or within... bordure

Arg. 3 cinquefoils gu.
M'LEA, Russia; granted 1806; quartering erg. a chev. embattled as. betw. three boar's heads erased gu. all within a bordure dovetailed gu.

I was interested to see the Cinquefoils (known lowland Livingston symbol) but also the boar's heads.  Interesting!

What was strange to me was the Russia.  McLea who served in Russia, perhaps?  Who granted the arms?

All interesting questions...


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