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Title: DNA - Where are we?
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 21 June 2006

I have been trying to get my head around the "big picture" of the DNA results that we have to date. In particular I am very interested in trying to see how the Dunsleve question may be resolved.

As far as I can see there are a group of Irish Dunleavys that match the O誰eil signature. To my understanding the O誰eil are not related in any way to the old Ulidian families. They were, frankly, invaders from the South.

IF that is so, THEN we can ignore these results when we try to identify the genetic signature of Dunshleibe Ua Eochadha.

IF Dunshleibe Ua Anradhan was an O誰eil prince THEN we would expect the Lamonts, Lamonts, the McEwens, the McLachlans, and the McSweens to have a similar pattern to the Irish O誰eil.

IF rigdamnai or Royal Family of Ulster reserved to themselves the name Mac Duinnshleibhe THEN it is not beyond the bounds of probability that "upwardly mobile" families might make pretensions to this name. Therefore not all Dunleavy's would necessarily be true rigdamnai of Ulidia. 

IF the Coarbs of St Moluag were closely related to the rigdamnai or Royal Family of Ulster THEN I would expect the DNA signatures to confirm this. 

Folowing this argument, you will see that I am quite excited that SOME Dunleavy's seem to share our DNA heritage.

As far as I can see we, the Bachuil family, do not share the O誰eil signature. If we were descendents of Dunshleibe Ua Anradhan I would expect our signature to be similar to the O誰eil. It is NOT.

Furthermore our signature is close to the MacGregor Chiefs - who claim descent from the Royal House of Dalriada. Given that Niall Campbell, Duke of Argyll claimed that the Baron a Bachuil was 奏he oldest peer in the realm, being a Baron of the kingdom of the Scots of Dalriada, I believe that the evidence, although far from conclusive, suggests that, on the balance of probabilities, that our ancestor is Dunshleibe Ua Eochadha. 

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