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Title: Ballachulish Livingstons
Posted by: John Livingston
Date: 29 June 2006

I am a descendent of the Ballachulish Livingstons, and visited the area last year.  I am trying to ascertain any information I can with regards to my heritage.  My great, great grandfather worked in the Ballachulish slate quarries, and his name was John Ban or James Livingston depending on whether you believe the ships log or the emmigration documentation.  He was married to a Ms Isabella Clark.  Both emmigrated to Australia in 1852 on the Marco Polo.  My Great Grandfather later married a family that derived from the same area - in fact my Great Grandmothers father worked in the same slate quarry (Ballachulish) with James, so they most likely knew each other before both families emigrated to Australia.  Her name was Ann McInnes and her parents Duncan McInnes and Ann Stewart both of Glencoe.  

Problem being I can trace the McInnes and Stewart side but cannot do so for the Livingston side.  I spent a number of days in the area during a trip last year and unearthed  very little with the exception of a cutting from a local Glencoe Newspaper that reported their (both families) emigration to Australia.

Anyways - any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss as to where to go from here - I have considered births and deaths, but feel that this information may be inaccurate considering the time.  Thanks in advance.  



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Ballachulish Livingstons29 June 2006John Livingston
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      Ballachulish Livingstons29 June 2006John Livingston

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