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Title: Ballachulish Livingstons
Posted by: John Livingston
Date: 09 July 2006

Hi Folks - as promised - this is what I know a the moment (... and thanks Grant and Niall for the support and assistance to date - would not have gotten this far without it.)

... and Apologies for the delay in responding.  

Here is what I know.

My great, great, great grand father, James Livingston (DOB 1805 - not confirmed), worked at the Ballachulish slate quaries.  He was the son of John Livingston (allegedly a farmer) and Mary Livingston (nee Fraser) both from Argyleshire (exact location unknown).  It is alleged that James was born in Appin.

James married Isabella Clerk ( and from the info you were able to obtain for me)in 1937 on Lismore.  Isabella's parents were John Clerk and Ann McGregor.

It was reported in a newspaper article I cited at the Glencoe Folk Museum last year, that James had  a brother John who also worked in the Ballachulish slate quary.  Both are referred to as James ban Livingston and John ban Livingston - I assume ban is a gaelic title????

James and Isobella allegedly lived in upper Laroch in Glencoe.  James and Isobella had four children born in Glencoe - Duncan, Anne, James (my great, great grandfather) and Mary.  James and Isobella emmigrated to Australia on the Marco Polo in 1852 - they were both assisted emmigrants (Victorian Govt foot the bill).

James (jnr) my great, great grandfather married Ann McInnes in Australia in 1875.  As I have mentioned earlier - Ann McInnes's parents were also from Glenoe/Ballachulish.

Ann's parent's were Duncan McInnes and Ann Stewart.  Duncan was employed at the Ballachulish slate quary, and both Duncan and Ann lived with a relative in upper Laroch as well, prior to their eventual emigration in 1852 on the Georgiana.  

Both Ann and Duncan are reported to have been born in Appin.  Duncan's parent's were Angus McInnes and Ann McColl.  Ann's parents were James Stewart and Christina McIntyre.  Angus McInnes, Ann McColl and James Stewart are all buried on the Eilean Munda in Loch Leven of Glencoe.  Duncan's grave is situated directly beside the Clan Chief of the McDonald's who was massacred during the massacre.  I am not sure what that means.

That is about all I know - the McInnes and Stewart side I can trace back a couple more generations - predominantly in Glencoe.

The Livingston side is a mystery - with the exception of the above - I am not sure whether John (my great, great, great, great grandfather) had other children other than John and James (who worked in the slate quary) - I would assume it is likely he did - but I am not sure of their identities.  I make the assumption that they derived from that area (i.e. Appin, Lismore or Balluchulish), but cannot really be sure at this point.

Anyways - I shall keep researching - would be interested to know if anyone has anything furher given the above.

Thanks again for all your efforts - it is appreciated.

Kind regards

John Livingston

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