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Title: Ballachulish Livingstons
Posted by: John Livingston
Date: 12 July 2006

Hi Folks

I spent quite some time and credits last evening on attempting to trace back from James to his parent's who were John Livingston and Mary Livingston (nee Fraser).  I managed to find their wedding on what appears to be Lismore on the 11/11/1798.  I have subsequently ordered the extracts in the hope that they may have birth dates etc.

Strange things is - I spent forever, running many querries, and was unable to identify birth records for James, Isabella, John or Mary - in Scotland as whole.  There were many of similar name, but none that matched the whole picture (i.e. correct name and DOB, but incorrect parents etc).  

Can anyone shed any light on this - it is particularly frustrating as it not only pertains to the Livingston side, but also to the Fraser, McInnes etc etc etc.  Anyways - otherwise - I shall keep on slogging on.

One other thing - a lass by the name of Barbara Fairweather MBE has written a number of short narratives on the Ballachulish and Glencoe areas including the quary and the Eilean Munda - would anyone know how to contact her as I believe she is a local of Glencoe or the surrounding area (may in fact have been the lass I spoke with at the folk museum last year whilst I was over there???).  I thought that, considering her research, she might be able to shed some light on things.

Anyways - as usual - thanks to all for their support and assistace.

Kind regards

John Livingston

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