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Title: Ballachulish Livingstons
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 12 July 2006

Hi John,

As you probably know, in that time frame, records are hit-and-miss.  I have relatives in the 1820s and 30s who, including my immediate ancestor, have some of their children in the parish baptismal registers and others missing.  It's possible that the children are found in some other register due to travel or temporary moves, but I find this unlikely.  Probably they couldn't afford the registration or fee and didn't do it then, or perhaps until later, or perhaps at all.

As you have seen, once 1855 rolls around, the quality of the records improves dramatically in most cases.  I would say that to find a wedding record in 1798 is quite good, esp. if you know you've got the right couple.  There MAY be additional info on the extract (keep those fingers crossed) but maybe not.  Best case scenario seems to be that if the family was very well known or had some important office.  Otherwise, the 'average' marriage record from that time period might have an occupation for John and a father for one/each of them and one or more location-names.  Bonus would be mother for either of them and perhaps fathers' occupations.

This may make it possible to line up with other names in the records/parish, though it might be easier (as I have done with my family on Bute) to order the film into a local Mormon Family History Centre (for nominal cost) and go through it page by page listing Livingstones.  Then, try to track backwards from your John and Mary, hoping that there is sufficient detail to do so.  In my case, if you looked only at the indexed records on, you wouldn't have sufficient info to go back more than one generation, because the info in the index isn't as great as in the original records (especially, for example, with occupation).  When you deal with 4-5 Johns in the right time frame, where 1 is a cobbler and one is a farmer, etc., this can help greatly.  And only either ordering them all in one at a time from Scotlandspeople or getting the film and looking at them en masse from an FHC can allow you to get a handle on it...

But of course, my family lived there for generations.  If your family was there only a short time, the FHC films might not be as useful...

Anyway, just keep in mind the limitations of the records before 1855 and esp. before 1800.  Some places they're much better than others!

Hope this helps.

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