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Title: Livingstone Duslea
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 03 August 2006

This "Duslea" is no doubt a significant find and apparently a rare example of the use of the Duslea (Dunslea)in the latter part of the 1700's as a first name. I had looked through the 1779 records last year, but had not made a note of it. Nice work Bob. 

Not so long ago I came across a Dunslea Maconlea from the period of the mid 1600's that I had not noticed before in the research material. There are of course other examples from that earlier period. This Duslea Livingstone however is a rare and interesting bridge between our ancient celtic name and that of our adopted lowland name in my oppinion. 

My family for a number of generations used the name "Miles" as well as Livingstone in honor of our ancestor Miles Livingstone. Irish and Scotish scholars all seem to agree that Miles is the anglicised adaptation of old celtic name Maelmoire. And as the Young Bachuil has pointed out in the past the name Miles Livingstone itself probably originates from an ancient Livingstone ancestor named Maelmoire from the Isle of Lismore. One such Maelmoire mentioned in the familie's 1544 charter was in all likelihood Alistair and Niall's ancestor and that of many o Livingstone descendants whose family is connected to the Isle of Lismore/Morvern Livingstones. 

Recently I discoved through military and provincial records that my father's Uncle also named "Miles" did not perish in World War I as my Aunt had stated and infact had never joined up with the Canadian Expeditionary Force or served overseas at that time. 

Instead having become estranged from his family and having lost touch with my grandfather, he spent most of his life in Northern British Columbia ranching and died in 1944. My Aunt is quite elderly, but no doubt she will appreciate learning that after all those many years we finally now that Uncle Miles did not die on a battlefield in France in 1918.    



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