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Title: Saying Hello
Posted by: Jon Mackley
Date: 30 August 2006

I thought I would drop a note to the forum to say hello. I’m very impressed by what I have found here. I think it’ll take me months to sift through the amount of information presented here.

My name is Jon Mackley – currently based in York, UK. I have been desperately been trying to find a link to Scotland through my name. I was at University in Stirling for four years and started doing some research on the McLea and Livingstone families, hoping to find a link. However, because of the record, my research flounders in Leicestershire in the 1600s. Still, even before I moved to Scotland, I felt that there was a link to Scotland. Call it hereditary memories if you will, or even an overactive imagination, but I have never been happier than when I was living in the Stirling area.

I’m particularly interested in saints, folklore and legend. Whether or not there is any truth in the legend, I believe it’s this reference to our ancestors that makes us who we are today – and if the story is a cracking good yarn with a few of the shining folk or witches thrown in for good measure, then all well and good!

I found a link on these pages to a witchcraft study at the University of Edinburgh and the database showed ‘Jonet Mackley – a ‘Stirling witch’ accused in 1658. 

Anyway, enough babble, I hope to be able to contribute to these pages, but if anyone can help me prove a link to the clans, I would be delighted.

Best wishes to you all,
Jon Mackley

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