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Title: New Records of Use? OPRs, Census, and MIs for McLeas
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 06 September 2006

Dear Forum,

I've recently posted some information of potential use from an internet helper (Jill Larsen, who heads up the McLAY One Name Project) and also from my own work.

You can find these on my web blog ( )

Here are the entries broken out for those who are interested:

1.  1841 Census entries for McLea and MacLea for several Scottish counties: 

2.  OPRs from Bute for McLea and similar: 

(this overlaps a previous entry of mine with records from some of the same places:  (Scroll to the bottom of this one))

3.  Bute Monumental Inscriptions of McLeas

These are from Bute & Arran Monumental Inscriptions, pre-1855 

Hope these are useful to folks other than me!  Enjoy!


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