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Title: Livingstons in Dunbartonshire
Posted by: Heather (Livingston) Willis
Date: 19 September 2006

I would like to ask the group about a Livingston family living in Dunbartonshire County on the 1841 Scotland census to see if I could glean a connection to my research.  

I have my Livingston line traced back to James Livingstone, born in Scotland c. 1824, who moved to Digby, Nova Scotia and married in the mid-1840's.  He was a ship carpenter.  I have not been able to make a definite connection to where he came from in Scotland.  So, I thought I would try looking on the Scotland side.  I searched the 1841 Scotland census on and found a James Livingston, b. 1821, living in Dunbartonshire County.  Besides the fact that his age is close to my ggggrandfather, the thing that caught my attention is that he is the only James Livingston I could find on the census whose occupation was termed "Ship Carpenter J."  I researched this family a bit even though I'm not sure if it is mine.  This James Livingston is living with his widowed mother, Davinia, and siblings.  I did some research on Davinia, and found Ancestry's One World Tree research that shows her as Davina Buchanan, born in 1784 in Argyll County, specifically Inverary/Glenaray.  She married a John Livingston (a boatman) and eventually ended up in Dunbartonshire County, widowed and with her children on the 1841 census.  Does anyone know of this family?  If so, would they happen to know if Davinia's son James Livingston emigrated to Nova Scotia in the mid-1840's?  If I could only make a solid connection to Scotland, I could take my reserach farther back. 

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Livingstons in Dunbartonshire19 September 2006Heather (Livingston) Willis
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      Livingstons in Dunbartonshire21 September 2006Heather (Livingston) Willis

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