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Title: hello
Posted by: Bob Turcott
Date: 01 October 2006

Hello everyone! I have been buisy but wanted to say hello. I am still waiting for my k&k parish microfilm from LDS!!!! When the microfilm arrived at LDS they forgot to notify me and they sent the film back by accident. Anyway LDS assured me they would get it back, the bad news is I will have to wait another month!! Well good things will come to those who wait. Those of you that are new, please be patient , if you dont find a connection right away thats fine, sometimes good accurate research findings can take several years by viewing microfilms and church documents, some may be luckier than others in getting accurate data right away, but in any event keep looking and never discount anything!!! Somethings that may not make sense to you in the begining of your research may make perfect logical sense later down the road, so always hold on to any data for future referance!
By the way I am so happy that the Carmicheal girl made a connection, I am very happy for her and all the other cousins!! That seems like an accurate first lucky shot on the dice!! Perhaps I will find my connections soon as well.

God bless all of you

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hello01 October 2006Bob Turcott
   hello01 October 2006Andrew Lancaster

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