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Title: Highland Livingstone book
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 11 October 2006

Hi All, 

From the published 1779 Argyll Census, baptism and marriage records and other sources we have a large number of names of Livingstones who lived on the Isle of Lismore, Movern, Mull and the adjacent areas in Argyll at one time under the Barons influence. 

Unfortunately many of these people and their families are just names to us, their children having for most part been forced from their farms, resettled elsewhere and subsequently departed from their homeland.

In memory of these Livingstones,I have thought it would be nice to keep a formal entry book at Bachuil recording and keeping track of settlement dates and locations of Livingstones in the 19th century who left the Baron's domain, whom we have some knowledge of. Unfortunately not everyone has this information, but in cases where we have such information it would be nice to have it formally recorded in an entry book and of course on the website as well. I know of a few including my ancestor and Rob's and there are a few more I think I could contribute. This would be a continual work in progress as slowly other Livingstones from Canada, U.S, Australia, New Zealand etc. are located with any settlement dates they could contribute to the entry book. Anyways it something I'd like to see happen and may be of interest to Alistair and Niall.

Donald (Livingstone) Clink 

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