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Title: Dr. Livingstone's brother John
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 15 October 2006

Hi All, 

As you probably are aware by now, the vast majority of Livingstons are convinced that they are related to Dr. Livingstone including a few of my own relatives. I am not so sure, but I can say with 100% certainty that Dr. Livingstone's older brother John Livingstone (1811-1899)his wife Sarah MacKenzie and family did indeed settle in the 1800's in Listowel,Ontario, Canada, about an hour an half drive from where I live. Most of the family left Listowel it would seem including a couple of sons that went to the States. THe settlement patterns of the family is documented up to about 1900 and then it takes a bit of work to locate them. My focus at this point is to see if any descendants are still living in the Listowel area.  

THeir  eldest son John Livingstone Jr. was a Druggist in the town of Listowel for many years. His son David R Livingstone settled in Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1909 where he practiced Medicine. A writeup on him in "Saskatchewan and Its People Volume 1ll 1924" states that Dr. DAvid R. Livingstone was born June 7, 1878 in Listowel, Ontario the son of John Livingstone JR. a Listowel druggist and Agnes Thompson. David R. Livingstone married Grace McArthur daughter of Duncan McArthur in 1906.It also states that Dr. Livingstone is the grand-nephew of missionary, Dr. David Livingstone and proud of this fact. 

More on Dr. Livingstone's brother's family and my quest to locate them later. 


Donald (Livingstone) Clink  

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