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Title: John Livingstone 1771
Posted by: Amanda Nield
Date: 29 October 2006

Hello,this is my first posting and I am new to this site. I am currently researching my family tree and have traced my Grandads line to a John Livingstone, who was, it seems born or Christened in 1771 at Kilmore-parents Neil Levingstone and Katherine McGolorey.  I have noticed in your birth records that there is a possible match with a Neil and a Katherine McGilvray. Could this couple be the same one with a variation on the spelling?  I also want to find out, if these are my Johns parents, whether there is any other information about them or how I could investigate further? John moved to Bredbury, Stockport and worked as a canal navigator.Any information at all would be a big help. 

Thank you

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