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Title: Tartans
Posted by: Heather Livingston Willis
Date: 01 November 2006

I'm curious about how the Livingstone tartans were developed.  Who designed them?  Why is the Livingstone dress tartan so different in color from the others?  How historical are these patterns and colors?  Thank you for your help.

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Title:Date:Posted By:
Tartans01 November 2006Heather Livingston Willis
   Tartans01 November 2006Kyle MacLea
      Tartans02 November 2006Young Bachuil
   Tartans02 November 2006Donald (Livingstone) Clink
      Tartans02 November 2006Kyle MacLea
         Tartans02 November 2006Andrew Lancaster
            Tartans03 November 2006Kyle MacLea

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