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Title: James Livingston of Kinderhook
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 04 November 2006

Hi Karen, 

You may already know this, but Samuel Kuhn father in law of your ancestor James Livingston is listed in the book "Early Eighteenth Century Palentine Emigration" by Walter Knittle. Included in this book is history of Palentine Settlement, information on Robert Livingston and the settlement of Palentines on his land at Livingston Manor. Also includes some very old German records. One circa 1717 lists Samuel Kun, his wife Elizabeth and 5 children living at Wormsdorf explained as old German name for a village settlement within the "East Camp" on land purchased by Robert Livingston on the east side of the Hudson River. Either Queensbury, Annsbury, Hunterstown or Haysbury. So it is fairly certain that James Livingston's wife grew up in Livingston Manor or on land which Livingston had later purchased for the Palentine refugees.

Another list where Samuel appears is the New York Subsistence List which records a Samuel Kuhn and other Palentines from their arrival in 1710 to 1712. This list is known to have included Palentines that were located on Hudson River Settlements so it seems almost certain this is your ancestor as well. 

You have to take the L.D.S info on Samuel Kuhn with a grain of salt as information indicating that he was from Prussia  may not be from old original documents as in the case of the above mentioned information. Presumingly he was a Palentine, but it also possible that he settled with Palentines in 1710, but came from Prussia. 

THe L.D.S info states that Catharine Kuhn was born abt. 1699 in Columbia County, New York. That is not likely correct as her family was almost certainly still in Europe at this time. 

Sorry I can not tell you more about James Livingston, but I thought perhaps if I could find out something of Catharine Kuhn's family, it might lead me to figure out this James Livingston of Columbia County mystery. 


Donald (Livingstone) CLink

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