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Title: St Moluag's Day -25 June
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 08 November 2006

The Wikipedia article makes a tentative reference to 4th August and Kyle is obviously seeking clarification here.

As far as I can make out this reference to August the 4th is traced back to  Saints of Scotland by Edwin Sprott Towill.  Saint Andrews Press, Edinburgh, 1978.  This is a Church of Scotland organisation.  They also have this date on their web pages. I have contacted the Head office in George Street to ask them what authority or source they have for this and am awaiting a reply.

These references from the Annals of Tigernach and the Annals of Ulster confirm his death as occuring in 592. 

T592.1 Obitus Lugdach Liss Móir .i. Mo Luóc.

U592.1 Death of Lugaid of Les Mór.

The Annals of the Four Masters gives 588 - but is not considered as authoritive regarding the Dalriads.

M588.3 Lughaidh, of Lis Mor, died. confirms my Scottish Episcopal Prayer Book which lists June 25th as St Moluag's Day.

In a Lyon Court Judgement, in the Case of Livingstone of Bachuil on 21st December 1950 (published in Scots Law Times, December 29 1951), the Lord Lyon King of Arms found in fact, inter alia: 'That the co-arb of a Celtic abbot was heir of the abbot in his ecclesiastical functions and abbatical mensal territory.'

His Lordship found in law. 'That the petitioner, as heritable Keeper of the Bachuil Mor, alias Bachuil Buidhe, viz. the pastoral staff of St Moluag, is co-arb of St Moluag.'

Alastair Livingstone of Bachuil, as Coarb of St Moluag, is therefore the living authority and his decision is that the feast day is 25th June.

This article has already been picked up my many other sources and the error is propogating fast.  I have therefore amended the article.

** This Thread has ended - Please do NOT attempt to resurrect it! **


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St Moluag's Day -25 June08 November 2006Young Bachuil
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   St Moluag's Day -25 June08 November 2006Young Bachuil

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