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Title: Angus Livingston(e) and Margaret McPhail descendants
Posted by: Keith Livingstone
Date: 11 November 2006

Regular readers of the forum may realize that there is a strong clan association between McPhails and Livingstones, including the family of Dr David, that keeps intertwining from Scotland through to Prince Edward Island and Ontario. 

Angus and Margaret are my known Argyll ancestors. Angus was listed as a Chelsea pensioner (deceased) on his son John's death certificate. This meant he was a soldier or a sailor of many years' service to the king.

The same exact phrase, with the same mother, Margaret, maiden name McPhail, appears on the death certificate of an Ann Livingston (who later married a Gilbert McPhail). 

She died in a poor house in Govan, apparently already widowed, in 1860. Her brother Hugh Livingstone signed the certificate. She was a boat builder's labourer. Govan is on the south bank of the Clyde.

We have had some diffculty tracing the progeny of this Livingstone-McPhail union through the Scottish records. 

Imagine some poor church deacon trying to interpret a thick highland brogue! So McPhail is spelt as Hall, Kall, and Hale (quite typical of the time!). There appear to have been at least 8 children. 

Hugh Livingstone who signed Ann's death certificate appears to be named in the Angus Livingston / Margaret Hall births listed below. He would've been a couple of years older than Ann.

Anyhow, a known descendant of Ann McPhail (nee Livingstone), has given me the following information, which may be of use.

From Family Search IGI Batch C115422,Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon Argyll.

To Angus Livingston and Margaret Hall
John 7 Feb 1805
Betty 25 Apr 1807
Cirsty 29 Oct 1809
Hugh 6 June 1819

To Angus Livingston and Margaret Hale
Duncan 30 Sept 1814
Jane 18 Jan 1829

To Angus Livingston and Margaret Kall
Ann Livingston 29 Dec 1821

Some members of the same family appear in the Colonsay census of 1841, where Angus is named as a 60 year old former soldier, and Margaret is named as 55 years of age. This would place him born c. 1781, and Margaret McPhail born c.1786. 

Hugh and Ann appear in that census, with Hugh being 20 years old, Ann being 15, and 'James' being 25. (James could be the unnamed child born Sept 1816). Another child, Jean, aged 11, is named. (She could be Jane, b.1829). 

Hugh would really have been around 21-22  and Ann would've been 19. Record-keeping wasn't the best, but the above details, especially the death records of John and Ann, look an exact fit.



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