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Title: Angus Livingstone-1860
Posted by: Henry Livingstone
Date: 13 November 2006

  I recently glimpsed the census of Canada in 1860. On the census there were about 8 Livingstones there. One of them was my GGF's name( age 6 at the time). The head of house, Colin Livingstone was only 20yrs/o. So it is extremely unlikly he had fathered a son at 14! But there was Neil, Angus, Evelene(age-16) and three other males(including my GGF's name), and two other females(including one Eliza,36yrs/o). All other ages were omitted. Unfortunetly(sp?), the power decided THEN to go off! Does anyone know of this gathering? Or these people? Thank you all for this wonderful website!!

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Angus Livingstone-186013 November 2006Henry Livingstone
   Angus Livingstone-186014 November 2006Donald (Livingstone) Clink

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