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Title: Ewen Livingstone - Ardnamurchan
Posted by: Terry Livingstone
Date: 14 November 2006

I have recently commenced the task of documenting our family tree and hence am very new to the whole genealogy thing but here goes . . .. 

My Great Grandfather was Hugh McDiarmid Livingstone, born 14 Nov 1854 in Swordley Ardnamurchan.  Accoring to family info, his parents were Ewen(Hugh) and Catherine (nee McDiarmid).   This being the case, that makes Hugh, the last entry in the Ardnamurchan births records held on this web site.  So far, so good.

The family info also says that Ewen was born in 1817 in Swordle, Chorrack, Ardnamurchan and Catherine was born in 1817 in Morven, Glenmore, Scotland although I am not too sure of the reliability of these details.   

The problem I now have is that I cant find anything relating to the parents of Ewen. The Ardnamurchan birth records do not show any Ewen (Hugh) Livingstone being born around the 1817 period.   There are a couple of Ewens listed in the other birth records but none for 1817.

I did come across an entry in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) that said that a Ewen Livingstone was born in 1814 to John Livingstone and Catherine MacLean of Kilmallie Argyll.  (I have no idea of the reliability of this IGI!!)

This presumably is the same John and Catherine listed as the first entry in the Ardnamurchan births records but they do not show them as having a son.  

Has anyone done any research on this particular line of the family who can help me fill in any of the blanks? 

Terry Livingstone

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Ewen Livingstone - Ardnamurchan14 November 2006Terry Livingstone
   Ewen Livingstone - Ardnamurchan14 November 2006Kyle MacLea

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