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Title: Tartan Signatory
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 27 November 2006

I have just edited this post which I originally titled Chiefs of Highland and Lowland Livingstones c1745 as it was rather out of context.

We have two threads on Tartans - so I thought I would start a new one in response to the question posed by Donald and others as to which chief may have signed the swatches of tartan submitted - highland or lowland.  In this lengthy posting I come to the very tenatative conclusion that, on balance, it was more likely to be highland. 

The Abbey lands were at one time vast, including the ancient parish of Lismore which embraced Appin and Eilean Mund.  Taking into account the lands around Loch Etive, described in the section on Cadets  ( , it looks as though the clan had a very substantial portion of the lands of Lorne - well in excess of a third. 

Although there are indications of considerable land holdings in the sixteenth century, in the eighteenth century the highland Livingstone’s were far from wealthy.  I suspect the Chiefs and lairds kept rather a low profile.

The Lowland Livingstons were suffering as well. charts the rise of this house.

Sir William Livingston, accompanied King David II. in his expedition to England in 1346.  For his services David granted him the barony of Callendar.  Sir James Livingstone of Callendar had the appointment of captain of the castle of Stirling, with the tuition of the young king.  In 1453, he was sworn, a privy councillor, appointed master of the household, and great chamberlain of Scotland. He was created the first Lord Livingstone and died about 1467.  For generations they were loyal servants of the crown and Alexander, seventh lord, was created the first earl of Linlithgow.  James Livingston, 5th Earl of Linlithgow, 4th Earl of Callendar (d. 1723) (all lands and titles were attainted in  1716 for his service to the Stewart cause.  So although they were major players in Scotland for 250 years their fall was as swift as their rise.

In conclusion I am not sure who the tartan society would have contacted.  I cannot see that there was any Lowland Livingston of sufficient stature to be considered their Chief.  Although we kept a low profile the Highland Livingstones have always been contactable at Bachuil - so I suspect that Baron John would have been the only contender.

** This Thread has ended - Please do NOT attempt to resurrect it! **


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