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Title: Dr. David Livingstone's brothers
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 03 December 2006

Hi ALl, 
As a followup to my last note on John Livingstone eldest brother of Dr.David Livingstone who settled in Canada  there is some information in R.J. Campbell's 1929 book "Livingstone" regarding brother John and Charles. In a letter written by Doctor Livingstone on AUgust 27, 1850 he states that"My brother Charles is settled as pastor of a church in Lakeville, Livingstone County, New York....Indeed he is a naturalized citizen of the United States. I have another brother settled in Lanark (County) Canada West (Ontario, Canada). My parents are also in that country, and having so many relatives there I begin to feel anxious to have a more direct means of communication than that which I have hitherto availed myself of viz., by way of England." 

The author notes that David probably encouraged John and David to emigrate to North America and in the case of Charles assisted him with the passage money. Campbell mentions that John Livingstone eventually settled in Listowel, Ontario, departing from Scotland sometime after 1850. Interestingly, in a footnote he comments that it is "improbable" that Doctor Livingstone's parents went with brother John to Canada. I would think there must be some information in one of the other biographies regarding whether or not the parents left Scotland for Canada. It would be interesting to know. 

As for Doctor Livingstone speaking of the "many relatives" settling in Canada West which is the modern day province of Ontario Canada, this is indeed a curious statement. This certainly motivates me to try and research more fully this possibility. By relatives does he mean his closely related Livingston cousins or is referring to Ulva-Mull-Movern area Livingstones of his grandfather's clan neighbourhood such as my great-great-great grandfather Miles (Maelmoire) Livingstone who emigrated from Scotland in the early 1800's. Once again if only Doctor Livingstone had provided us with more information in his 1857 book on this aspect of his family history. No doubt he knew the names of many of his relatives that settled in Canada, not to mention a wealth of family history information gathered over the years from his father and in particular his grandfather said by Livingstone to have been the great family storyteller.



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