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Title: Southern Mcleas
Posted by: Craig McClay Wilson
Date: 09 December 2006

Hi all,
There have been bits and pieces written about the southern Mcleas,  but thought I'd make an attempt to lay out what is known or can be surmised:

1) The ancestors of the Mcleas came from Ireland  and settled in the western highlands, specifically Argyll.

2) While it is unclear whether the Mcleas first came to Lorne or Cowall, the Mcleas later centered in Lorne.  The Mcleas of Achnacree were the largest presence and Lismore was the spiritual center.

3) After the Mcleas of Achnacree were destroyed in the late 1500's, the Mcleas to the south became more prominent.

4) The Mcleas of Lindsaig descended from the Achnacree Mcleas. Lindsaig is located on the Kintyre peninsula , some 20/30 miles south of Lismore. A series of feudal Barron Mcleas held title to substantial lands in Lindsaig.  The ownership was documented in the Argyll Valuation Rolls of 1688 and 1751.

5) The Mcleas of Linsaig appear to have migrated south to the isle of Bute in the early 1600's:
  a) Bute is just fiive miles south of Lindsaig.
  b) A nephew of the last Barron of Lindsaig relocated to Bute. 
  c) A Mclea was listed as a bailee (sheriff) in Rothesay (the largest town on Bute)in 1662.
   d) Old Parish Records show many Mcleas in Bute from 1690s to 1750s.
   e)  The son of the author of the Account of the Name of Mclea was the long time minister of Rothesay from 1768-1824.
   f) 1841 census for Bute shows 21 Mcleas.

6) Conclusions about the southern Mcleas:
  a) There were Mcleas in the south part of western highlands from early times, first in Lindsaig and later Bute.
  b) They held a feudal title of Barron.
  c) They were the last major Mclea landowner other than our clan head at Lismore.
   d) They were the largest group to keep the name Mclea.
    e) They retain a presence on Bute , probably to this day.

I plan to visit the Lindsaig/Bute area next spring and will try to find Mclea "cousins".  I am planning to take a DNA kit with me and will try to find a Mclea willing to test.


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