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Title: Dr's uncle named John
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 11 November 2004

Hi everyone

I have had some research done which may help others. My aim continues to be to find out (a) what happened to the missionary's uncle John, who my family thinks it is descended from and (b) as much as I can about the possibilty of a John Livingstone in Dundee, where our ancestor was supposed to have lived. The link between (a) and (b) was thought to be a stint in the army during the Napoleonic wars, so I looked for army records and pension records. I have not been successful yet, but perhaps this links to something. I now quote from the report...

I was able to find army discharge papers for the following individuals:

WO97/1071/84 John Livingstone alias Levingstone, born Argyle. Served in the Breadalbane Fencibles for 6 years before joining the 104th regiment in 1804. The 104th were based in Montreal. He discharged from this regiment in 1817, aged 44. He is said to have been 5’11” tall, with brown hair, grey eyes, and a dark complexion. I’m not sure about Scottish men, but I can say this was exceptionally tall for an English man at this time. Most of the army papers I look at show heights of about 5’5”. This man would seem the most likely to be your ancestor in terms of date of birth, however, the fact he seems to have been based in Canada may throw doubt on this. Indeed, I checked Crowder’s book on ‘Army Pensioners Abroad’ which showed he went on receive his pension in Canada from August 1817.

WO121/69/121 John Livingstone/Levingstone, a labourer born Appin, Argyllshire. He served with the 91st regiment, and discharged in 1803, aged 30, after becoming lame due to a fracture. His discharge papers were signed at Portsea.

WO121/48/123 John Livingstone, born Iverary, Argyllshire. He served in the 79th and 42nd regiments, and discharged in 1802, age 28, after he received a wound to the shoulder in Egypt.

WO97/894/45 Sgt. John Livingston, born Kilmore, Argyllshire. He served in the 79th regiment, and attested at Stirling. He discharged in 1847, aged 37. He served in Canada for almost 4 years, and in Gibraltar for over 5 years. He discharged unfit for further service, with disease of the stomach and dispepsia, in 1847. The record shows he became a Schoolmaster Sergeant in 1845. His physical description says he was 5’ 9”, and he had dark hair, grey eyes, and a ‘sallow complexion’.
I checked the Dundee pension returns, which start in 1842. These returns only show changes to payments made within the district. I checked 1842-1852, but only found a James Levie (WO22/121), a Private from the 79th regiment, who discharged in 1851 and went straight on to pension in the Dundee district. I found no pensioners named Livingstone mentioned.

I also checked the musters of the 91st regiment for 1808 and 1809 (WO12/9253 & 9317). In the 1st battalion of the regiment I found the following Livingstone’s:

Private Colin Livingstone – he was taken prisoner of war in Portugal in January 1809
Private Duncan Livingstone –with regt. in Portugal, then returned with regt. to Kent
Private Neil Livingstone- ditto 
Corporal Archibald Livingstone – he joined from the 2nd Battalion in July 1809 -ditto
Private John Livingstone – I found this name listed on a muster for a special detachment of the regiment dated Oct.-Dec. 1809, however, his name does not appear on the earlier or later musters for this regiment, so I was not able to trace him through the musters.

I found no John Macleas in this regiment.


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