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Title: More Migration of Southern Macleas
Posted by: J. Stewart McLay
Date: 15 December 2006

Much has been written and discussed regarding the name change from McOnlea/McLea to Livingstone,but to the best of my knowledge, very little concerning the change from McLea to McLay. The latter being presently the most common form, certainly in Central and Southern Scotland. Although, in the Highlands and Western Isles MacLeay appears to be the popular version.

I have been researching McLays in Stirlingshire, in particular the St. Ninian's parish of Stirling,where my forbearers were established, together with the parishes of Balfron and Killean.

McLea in the area pre-dates the 1715 and 1745 uprisings and consequently the clearances and there would be no requirement or benefit to change the family name to Livingstone. McLeas were numerous in these areas in the late 17th. Century. The earliest recorded Birth/Baptism being that of John McLea on 25th. July,1689, son of Donald McLea and Margaret McGrigar.

I note that in St Ninians, McLea was quite prominent between 1689 and 1720, but by 1812 the name was almost worn out, with the final mention being the marriage of Margaret McLea to  George Murray. Yet by this time the McLay version was flourishing.

But why? Was this due to Illiteracy among the population, Local Phonetic Pronunciation, or perhaps further Anglicisation of the name? Evidence points to them being of the same family groups.

This leads me to the likelihood, but not conclusion, that these families originate from the Lindsaig McLeas. This appears to be the opinion from the papers relating to the Rev. Duncan McLea's Account of the Name of McLea.

Has anyone out there conducted research on the Stirlingshire McLeas?.

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