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Title: centralized genealogy website
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 17 November 2004

I don't know if this is possible on this website, or if someone has already started something like this but would it be possible to create a website where all McLea/Livingstone can go to put in their information. That way as one person is searching and comes across a John Livingstone born , 1874 (this is all made up of course) in Glascow Scotland the database may already have it and have ancestry going back further. I am just saying to save time/effort/money.. plus we can then have an accurate count of how personA in Scotland, personB in Australia and personC in United States are all related from back in the 1700's.

Plus with the computer age, links from Google and Yahoo, etc. will increase the number of

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Title:Date:Posted By:
centralized genealogy website17 November 2004David Wyse Livingston
   centralized genealogy website17 November 2004David Wyse Livingston
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         Centralized Genealogy website18 November 2004Kyle MacLea
         Centralized Genealogy website18 November 2004David Wyse Livingston
         Centralized Genealogy website21 November 2004Jill Richmond
            Centralized Genealogy website22 November 2004Young Bachuil
         Centralized Genealogy website23 November 2004David Wyse Livingston
            Centralized Genealogy website23 November 2004Young Bachuil

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