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Title: Bliadhna mhath r
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 01 January 2007

It is 11.45 am here in Milnathort - and it is a calm cloudy day with a slight drizzle.

What a difference to last night when we had gale force winds driving heavy rain with dramatic thunder and lightening terrifying the animals.  The festivities in Edinburgh were cancelled, much to my relief as my elder daughter was there. Last year scaffolding was blown down causing some injuries.

2006 ended with a series of disasters and I am glad to see the back of it. 

Our village was badly flooded on the 14th December (see where the picture attributed to David Don was taken by me.) The council had just spent 500,000 on flood defences. The water just went around. We were told we were to evacuate by 10.30pm as the electricity sub-station was flooded and they wanted to shut off power before it blew up. As the fire brigade officer was telling me this there was a bang and all the lights in the centre of the village went out -except ours. It transpired we were serviced by the next sub station. We were allowed to stay. However the power surge blew the UPS power supplies to two of my computers causing havoc at one of our busiest times of year.

We were due to drive to Hexham (320 mile round trip) to have Christmas lunch with my esteemed brother in law and family. (I had the great honour to be his best man). On Christmas Eve a very unseasonable fog rolled in sending visibility down to 6 ft. People arriving in the pub had been caught by this and said that driving conditions were terrifying. I took the very unpopular decision to call of the trip south but reluctantly agreed to reconsider in the morning. So at 7am on Christmas morning I was up checking web cams and traffic reports and thought that we might be able to go. At this point noticed the heating was out so decided to check the boiler in the basement. In the dark I trod on black ice on the top step at the back door and went crashing down breaking off a piece of my knuckle. I thought I had dislocated the bone and could tell it was broken, so just strapped it up. We got down to Hexham and had a lovely time.

I got to Hospital two days later.

Anyway its taken 30 minutes to type this. Elder daughter is safe home and I am off to go first footing.

To all of you Happy 2007

Kindest regards


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