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Title: Hello!
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 09 March 2004


I just got the message and I thought I'd try a post (despite the "only Society Members may post" note.  I'm Kyle MacLea and I'm living in Michigan currently.  My family is traceable to Peter and Janet (Brown) McLea, living in Glasgow and married in 1850.  I have thus far been stymied in my attempts to go further back, but I am always looking for help in my quest!  My family has always maintained that "MacLea' is the correct spelling, although all the 1800s records from Scotland seem to indicate "McLea" or "Mc" with the 'c' underlined.  I'm not sure what is really correct, but that's the way my family spells it now.  (Though actually some members of the family did change the spelling to McLea).

I'm also curious about the pronunciation of other members of the family.  We always pronounced the last syllable as "Lee" in English.  I have heard that other MacLeas in the US say "Lay."  Any other thoughts?  i was thinking this may reflect different changes wrought on coming to America.  It may also reflect two distinct lineages.

Any ideas and help appreciated!

USDA / Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory

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