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Title: Kilts
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 12 February 2007

I know there has been discussions on the origins of the Livingston Tartan but I was wondering in general when did Kilts start to be worn in the Highlands? 

I saw the article at and it mentioned that uniformity started around the 1600's but nothing about the ancient wrap around kilts that you can see at Renaissance festivals, etc.

I also saw:
"   The next mention of Highland Dress we get from McClintock is from the 16th century.  Let me stress that nowhere is there to be found evidence to suggest the wearing of any form of kilt in Scotland in the time period before the 16th century.  People may claim various early dates for the wearing of the kilt, but I have yet to see hard evidence for it.  Most often what people are claiming to be a kilt is merely a depiction of a leine, tunic, or acton. 
    The type of kilt that we will begin to encounter in the 16th century is called (in my poor Gaelic) a feilidh-mhor (great wrap), a breacan-feile (tartan wrap) or simply a belted plaid.  All refer to the same garment.  I prefer the latter for ease of use.  A plaid or plaide is a length of heavy woolen fabric worn over the body like a mantle or a shawl.  It has nothing to do with the modern American usage of the word plaid, except that they were often of a tartan pattern, which “plaid” is synonymous with in America.  A belted plaid is simply a very long plaid that had been gathered into folds and belted around the body.  It is often called in modern reenactment circles a “great kilt.”  Despite what you saw in Braveheart the belted plaid was not worn in the 13th and 14th centuries.  The belted plaid costumes worn in that movie were not even very good representations of the belted plaids.  I honestly do not know how the costumers could have claimed to have done any historical research—they simply designed a garment that they thought looked both Scottish and medieval."

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