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Title: Australian and New Zealand Forum
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 24 February 2007

After many promptings I have finally managed to create a forum specifically for our Australian and New Zealand Members which can be accessed or by the expanded forum menu. 

Everyone can post here - but messages should be restricted to matters of restricted interest to our Australian and New Zealand Members. 


** This Thread has ended - Please do NOT attempt to resurrect it! **


Title:Date:Posted By:
Australian and New Zealand Forum24 February 2007Young Bachuil
   Australian and New Zealand Forum27 February 2007Donald (Livingstone) Clink
      US or Canada Forum27 February 2007Young Bachuil
         US or Canada Forum27 February 2007Kyle MacLea
         US or Canada Forum: the start of a Clan Society28 February 2007Craig McClay Wilson
         US or Canada Forum02 March 2007Donald (Livingstone) Clink
            US or Canada Forum05 March 2007David Wyse Livingston
            US or Canada Forum06 March 2007Kyle MacLea

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