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Title: Heavyweight Record
Posted by: Allan Livingstone
Date: 09 December 2004

Just to let you all know that the heaviest babies born in Scotland in 1954 are now the grand old age of 50.

My Brother David Livingstone(Sweden) and myself were born in the village of Caol  near Fort William on the 8/9 th of December where we weighed 17lbs between us.(still a record to this day).  I was 7.5lbs before midnight and David was 9.5lbs after midnight.Mum(Bessie Livingstone) who is now 85 and is still alive stays in the same house where we were born.  

I just thought I would share this happy story because we are proud to have the name of Livingstone as record breakers.  It is also funny that we share different days to celebrate our birtdays.

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