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Title: US and Canada Forum
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 06 March 2007

I thought this might want it's own thread instead of being part of the ANZ thread.

I was looking around at Clan Societies, etc. and I found "the Capital Scot" website which has a section for Clan Societies to list

I would think a good step might be to add our site to their list of other societies so any Livingston/McLea members, when searching, can at least find this forum.

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Title: US or Canada Forum 
Posted by: Kyle MacLea  
Date: 06 March 2007  

Dear Donald, 

My own preference would be keep the forum the way it is for now, and not split off a separate US/Canada forum.  But I will go along either way. 

As for politics, I really don't think there's much in that way going on.  I think we are actually a remarkably united and helpful clan, if a bit scattered and disorganized.  In time, though, I think we'll begin to pull in the "stragglers" and people will begin to see again our family as a clan, and not just the sept of some regional clans of power, like many of the surname books have and do say (and I'm sure will continue to say ad infinitum).  The larger the web-presence and Highland-games-presence we can make, i think the better we will be. 

It seems that the founding of Clan Associations by geographical region is a fundamental necessity.  Though it would be nice to have the Clan run "top-down" from Lismore, it would be logistically overburdening on Niall...  Not to mention, I think that Clans were never as top-down as many similar systems.  There was a Chief, certainly, but in many ways a fierce frontier independence must have taken hold, in a way many of our Canadian and American brethren can certainly relate to!   

So, spreading out our Clan across the globe, I believe can only be a good thing.  As we maintain communication between Lismore and the different branches, and among the different Associations, it will work to the benefit of all. 

If you think we need separate organizations for the US and Canada, that may well be true.  I think that regardless of formal organization (whether it be a North American organization or two separate organizations), there *must* be a delineation of officers for each group.  However, this *could* (if wanted) fall within one organization, divided into subgroups for each country.  This is more a matter of preference and logistics, I think. 

Certainly, if we are to have a presence in North America, we must make an effort to attend Highland Games throughout, from Nova Scotia to California.  So, having representatives in both countries, and throughout those countries, is critical.  Certainly, Donald and I can't cover the two countries on our own!  ;-) 

Anyway, I think come later in the year we should all put our heads together and see what we come up with. 

If Niall would be kind enough to take note of all interested parties, come summer/autumn, it would be delightful to start up some correspondence about it all and see what we might organize. 

And do it memory of our brother Rob, as well, who was, indeed, our first "Commissioner for the Americas"!  

Well, should go get to work. 

Hope all is well, Donald, and Niall! 


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