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Title: Alexander Livingston(e) or Liviston
Posted by: RMcV
Date: 22 December 2004

I am looking for an Alexander Livingston(e) (Levingston) or (Liviston).  DoB unknown.  He was a bricklayer and believed to still be alive in 1855 (named but not listed deceased in his son's marriage registration).

He had a son Archibald Livingston who was born in Ayr 1802 with the mother being Mary (Jane) Smart.  It is not known whether there were any other children either with Mary Smart or any other mother.  It is not known whether Alexander married although it is unlikely he married Mary Smart because of the way she is listed on her son's marriage registration.  It is not known whether Alexander lived in Ayr nor where he lived following Archibald's birth.

Archibald was a coal pit worker in 1855 and living in Glasgow.  He married Jean Hunter Clarkson in Dumbarton in 1855 and then lived in Dumbarton working as a farm labourer.  Archibald died in 1881 prior to the census.

Family legend has Archibald Livingston as a drummer boy (aged c.13) at the Battle of Waterloo with the Scot's Greys.  He is said to have ridden on his father's or grandfather's horse at the victory parade in London;  his father or grandfather also having fought at Waterloo.

Alexander Livingston's grandparents are said to have been Niel Livingston/Mary Morrison and there are certainly family stories of Dr David Livingstone that would suggest this is right or close.  The following generations' names also suggest this is possible.

Searching the death records from 1855 and earlier census records,  it is impossible to identify which Alexander Livingston I am looking for.  Can anyone help identify the correct person,  in which case the records should carry the names of his parents and therefore close the missing link.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you can help.

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