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Title: Censorship
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 12 March 2007

I have very reluctantly take the decision to terminate some threads that I felt were becoming over heated.

Any further matters regarding the setting up of a Clan Society on the North American continent are now banned from this forum until I make a further announcement. If anyone has anything to say they can email me privately.  If anyone should breach this ban then I will prevent him/her from posting.

I think we have a storm in a tea cup situation.  Furthermore I think the real differences of opinion are very minor and, with a modicum of goodwill, can be resolved easily.  What is particularly sad is that I believe everyone who has posted on this subject has much the same interests (our clan history), much the same goals (to research our history, publish it and help bring people together) and share the same values of loyalty to clan and chief.

It may help if I make my thoughts clearer.  

A clan is not a democracy.  Please read Sir Crispin Agnew’s article at  “A clan as a noble incorporation is recognised as the chief’s heritable property - he owns it in law and is responsible for its administration and development.”  However times have changed since Culloden and a clansman’s, life and living is no longer dependant on his chief.  Therefore I can only “command” those who volunteer.  The clan needs all the volunteers we can get.  We have to work with the time and skills available to us.

I would much prefer to have this website as the primary – if not sole – focus of our virtual clan.  I am concerned that fragmentation weakens the whole.  However until we have the time, technology and other resources to bring everything under one roof we have to accept the situation.  Rob Livingston created many pages of births, deaths and marriages which he then passed to me.  He put a great deal of work into it – but it took me quite a while to retype everything to fit our format.  I simply did not have the time or knowledge to pick up on the DNA project and I am grateful for Andrews work on this.  Andrew and family were kind enough to call on me, here in Milnathort, and on Father at Bachuil.  The whole point of the DNA project is to publish the findings and Andrew needs to be able to do this without my constant intervention.  Thus the need for Andrews DNA pages.  It would be better if they were part of this site – but we have to accept the pragmatic approach.  So although I would prefer this site to be the primary/sole focus the other sites exist out of current necessity and do so with my blessing.

However a Clan Society can only exist with my blessing.  Without the sanction of the Chief it can have no recognition.  Nevertheless the success of a Clan Society is down to its members and elected officers.  They will have to have vision, commitment and be statesmen enough to harness the energies of a geographically diverse population.  

Therefore, I ask you all to take some time to reflect on this – lest we do untold damage.

Niall Livingstone, Younger of Bachuil

** This Thread has ended - Please do NOT attempt to resurrect it! **


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