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Title: Ancestral Tourism
Posted by: Deirdre Livingstone
Date: 12 March 2007

Dear clansfolk,

I work at VisitBritain, which is the National Tourist office for Britain, and I am leading on a new initiative for ancestral tourism, based here in London.  Previously I have worked on other projects in Scotland on ancestral tourism but this is the first time we are rolling out ancestral tourism on a national basis.

I am currently working up an online survey that we will be posting on our website and was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating in filling in the questionnaire through this forum and your friends/family.  We hope to get this up at the end of next week.  The idea being that we are looking to find what the triggers are for becoming an ancestral tourist....

I also happen to be the sister of Niall - and do what I can in the background to support his work and the greater good of the clan.

Watch this space and I will notify again once the survey is online - the results/data I am sure will make interesting reading.  This way we can be sure to arrange our tourism product here in the UK to fit that very special ancestral traveller.

All the best


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