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Title: Our highland tartan
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 16 March 2007

Hi All, 

Following the understanding  that the Lowland Livingston family leadership was broken and essentially no more after 1715, then who was it that was contacted a hundred years or so later when the Highland Society of London were interested in locating a sample of Clan Livingston tartan? Almost certainly it would have a highland clan chief Baron John Livingstone. Despite the probabilitiy of this being the case, any number of tartan books seem to suggest that the classic red green and black pattern and its variations somehow are the tartan of Lowland Livingstons. The answer to the mystery of our tartan's origin lies in my oppinion in the old tartan book of the Highland Society of London and perhaps in a collection of their 19th century correspondence. We must find some means to get access to that tartan book. I am now almost certain there is a swatch page with an very old piece of tartan fabric and the Baron John's signature and seal on the bottom of the page. But where and how? The magical powers of the Staff of St. Molaug might come in really handy here. 


Donald (Livingstone) Clink 


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