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Title: Odd coincidence
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 30 March 2007

There was a time a year or more ago. You can actually search rhe forum for this one. A time when I speculated that John McMolmore VcKevir the Baron recorded at the  time of the 1544 Charter of Confirmation with the Campbells was actually John McMolmore McIvor. THere are some researchers who understand Kevir and Ivor to be the same name. Anyways this not understood to be the case as you read further in the forum discussions with myself and Niall on this one. 

But after all the discussions Niall and I had over this John McMolmore VcKevir you might find this next item something of a weird coincidence. 

This was written up actually in regards to the clan Macauley in the 1925 W,AK Johnston tartan guide, "Scottish Clans and their Tartans" but in part refers to one branch of MacLeays who associated with Clan Mackenzie. Neverless I found this interesting in light of my McIvor thing and the 15th century family document in the possession of Baron Livingstone. 

"The MacAulays of the mainland are coupled with the MacLeays and McIvors in the 15th century as giving trouble to the Earl of ROss and his tenants." On the opposite page is a crudely illustrated family tartan for MacAulays in three colours red, green and black. 

By God Kyle they not only have your name they also took our tartan colours. Or we took theirs.

I know this means absolutely nothing probably. I just find it a bit of a coincidence. 



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