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Title: Interesting finds on the web
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 30 March 2007

While doing some searching I came across the below items.

A 1885 illustration of St. Moluag bachiul mhor

The Celtic Review vol 5. July 1908 to April 1909. has a copy of the 1544 charter of the Livingstones of Bachuill and tells of Donald Livingstones marriage to his "distant kinswoman" Catherine

The translation of the 1544 charter can be found at:

'The Stewarts of Appin at Culloden', by Duncan Livingstone, Ohio, USA 1896 Page 90 and 91 Page 92 and 93 Page 118 and 119 (continuation) Page 120 Page 130 and 131 (continuation) Page 132 and 133

Highland Ancestry of Dr. David Livingston, African traveller 1894 Page 120 and 121 Page 122 and 123

The barons of Bachuil" by Alexander Carmichael.
- It is a long Essay, you can just click Next on the main page to go from 17693, 17694, 17695, etc.

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