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Posted by: Donald (Livingston) Clink
Date: 04 February 2005

It would be interesting to know whether the Isle of lismore McLea's joined James Livingston and supported his Lowland Livingston family in the 1640's and 1650's in their Royalist cause. 

Regarding another example of an old Argyle clan that changed its name in the 1600's, there is the MacIver's. Iver of Azknish and Strathshiray lost his estate for supporting in 1685 the Earl of Argyll. After 1688 and James II had been removed from the throne,the Earl's son restored the MacIver estates to Duncan MacIver on the understanding that he and his descendants would in return become Campbells. The Argyll branch of the clan apparently changed their to Campbell or at least most of them and Duncan Iver was the last clan chief of the Argyll MacIvers

In the case of the Livingstone name change there may have been some sort of formal agreement and an official decree, but obviously not all MacLeas felt bound by it. There are too many unanswered questions and much speculation as to how it all came about. 

One source stated that there is an 18 century Livingstone grave stone with a family coat of arms on it showing the Dalraidric lion at Kilcolm Cemetery in Movern. I have not been able to locate this cemetery at Movern and I am wondering if this is a mistake. If any one can locate this stone I would appreciate it. 

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