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Title: ANZAC Newsletter
Posted by: Kevin Livingston
Date: 28 April 2007

The Clan MacLea Society of Australia and New Zealand


New Commissioner

We take this chance to say a very big thank you to Mr Grant South for leading the way by being the Clan Commissioner (Clan Livingstone - Lieutenant) for the period from April 2006 to April 2007. Grant co-ordinated the many facets of establishing the Clan MacLea Societyís identity.

We also acknowledge the appointment of Mr. Kevin Livingston, for the period from April 2007 to April 2008, to the same post to continue the work so able undertaken by Mr. Grant South 

Kevinís contacts details are:
Address 7 Darville Court
Blackmans Bay Tas 7052 Australia
Mobile 0417 555 899

Emigration Registrations

We would like to congratulate Mr. Kyle MacLea for leading the way in preparing the Wiki Database to accept the emigration records for Australian and New Zealanders to record the predecessorís emigration details from the motherland (Scotland) to both New Zealand and Australia.

If you are a Livingstone, Livingston, McLea, MacLea, MacLeay, McLay, McClea, McClay, McLae, Boggs, or related name, and your families have emigrated from Scotland somewhere else in this great big world, please add your emigrant family members to the Livingstone and MacLea Emigration Registry! 
(or )

Please list your emigrants in the Register, and you may create any separate pages you like to provide more information on your family. I can even add images to the site for you, if you email them to me.

This is a Wiki -anyone who registers can edit it! If you're confused, just try typing in something and I can worry about the particular syntax and getting it to look pretty. Just come on by and type something in to the Register!

This is meant to be a tool for generations to come... one to help us all with our family history.

The main thing is just to avoid making a mistake in the NAME that you create a link with.† When you put it in << >> double brackets, you should put the name like this... <> with spaces replaced by _ underscores.† If you have firm birth/death dates, you can include those <> but the problem with this comes if you discover incorrect dates later, etc.† You can change them, but it's a bit of a pain to do...† I have no doubt a delete/move operation will be available for the Wiki at some point, so don't let the fear of making a mistake paralyze anyone.† We'll get it fixed!† (There are workarounds which I can help facilitate if it comes down to it.)

Would definitely recommend the instruction guide...

And HelponFormatting:

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